Coffee is one beverage that has an exotic element in tongue. Consume coffee on a regular basis with appropriate portions, can help nourish the heart, reducing the risk of diabetes, improve brain power, and eliminate headaches. Wow, what a very nutritious herb for the body, right? To get the benefits of coffee should not worry, because you can get a coffee drink with delicious concoction every day. Do not have to go to the coffee shop to get a barista coffee concoction. You can make it yourself at home with the Breville BES900XL. Superior products to make espresso at home completed  with electronic PID temperature control, LCD to check the temperature and shot clock, and dual stainless steel boiler. A great coffee maker.


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Breville BES900XL Product Features

Breville BES900XL

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Dual stainless steel boilers with programmable functions – Breville BES900XL is made with boilers and two pumps for simultaneous milk texturing and espresso extraction at the optimum temperature and pressure.  32 fl. oz. (950ml) steam boiler and 10 fl. oz. (300ml) espresso boiler. The programmable are shot temperature, shot volume, pre-infusion duration and power, auto start time and audio volume. With PID technology the device can delivers precise water temperatures of 190-205 degrees Fahrenheit (89-96 degrees Celsius) for different roasts and origins. Audio alertss functions can arrange from high,low, or no volume.The auto start preheats the device at progammed time. There is a programmable pre-infusion: alter duration and power to fine tune flavor profile.

Backlit LCD to displays shot temperature, shot clock, or time - Espresso shot clock for guide to extraction consistency that displays the duration of the espresso shot being extracted. Over-pressure valve (OPV) limits the maximum pressure throughout extraction to optimum levels. And low pressure pre-infusion: gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction. With drop down swivel foot: lowers a wheel for easy maneuverability.

Monitor Pressure and Breville’s Accesories – Breville is completed with monitors extraction pressure. There is also instant hot water: dedicated hot water outlet for Americanos and pre-heating cups. With commercial 360 degree swivel action steam wand: with 3 hole tip for a silkier texture. 84 fluid oz. (2.5L) removable water tank: top-fill or rear-fill with rear integrated water filter and water level indicator. Included accessories: single wall filter baskets (1 and 2 cup), dual wall filter baskets (1 and 2 cup), integrated tamper, stainless steel frothing jug, cleaning disc and tablets, cleaning tool and allen key, water filter holder and water filters (1 year supply).

Breville BES900XL Honest Review 

I read on Amazon the other day, one of Breville BES900XL Customer’s sharing his experience in using thisEspresso Machine. Great sharing and quite funny.

Review by Greg Kochanov 

I don’t even know where to start. I just got this “Lamborghini” of espresso machines, about 2 hours ago and after about 6 tries I pulled a perfect shot. When I say perfect, I mean double-shot-single-wall-filter-14gr-30-lbs-of-tamper-pressure-200F-9-bars-30-second-extraction-2oz-full-of-crema PERFECT. I have been using a BES820XL for quite some time and I was very happy with the quality and all my friends always said that my espresso was the best they’ve ever tried. True, my espresso has always been consistent and close to the coffee I drank throughout Italy.

I can’t believe the difference this machine made. I mean the same coffee (same amount of coffee & same tamper pressure & 30 second extraction) tastes like it’s not from the same beans. It tastes like dark chocolate with a very long finish and a delicious aftertaste. The same coffee pulled through BES820XL lacked the finish and wasn’t as full-bodied. The machine is a lot bigger than my BES820XL (I will try to upload a photo later) but it’s pure sexinness. I don’t even mind that my espresso cups don’t fit on top of it when it’s under the cupboards (my cabinets are hung a little low). Besides the obvious difference in the looks between the two machines, this machine is a technological marvel. The PID controls alone are worth it. The PID controls let you keep the temperature pegged at 200F with just over a 1 degree variation. Instant steam means I never have to wait again or hear that pumping noise.

I love the wheels underneath. It makes it so easy to maneuver the machine on the counter. And I also love the fact that you can fill it up right through the top lid. The ONLY disappointment is the weight of the included tamper. I mean it’s great that you can store it right on the machine but for my big hands it’s a bit small and too light. I will have to get another tamper (this machine usees a 58mm tamper as opposed to the 51mm on the BES820XL). I’ve been used to using a nice heavy tamper with a rosewood handle, so I’ll probably look for the same one in 58mm. In conclusion, I LOVE the BDB (Breville Dual Boiler). I’ve only had it for 2 hours, so time will tell if it will continue to deliver the results. I will keep updating the review, so stay tuned.

This machine is MASSIVE. I don’t know where to put it in my small kitchen… It’s intruding into the cooking space. I might have to put it somewhere outside of the kitchen. I may have to get a bigger apartment to accommodate this espresso machine. I think in the new apartment I will have a separate coffee & wine room with just my coffee stuff and wine refrigerators, how cool would that

I keep on pulling perfect shots at 9 bars and get 2 oz in 30 seconds. I am using Lavazza “perfetto espresso” ground coffee, which seems to be the perfect grind size. The Smart Grinder should come in within a few days, but I don’t see how it can get any better. The espresso I pulled (see the pictures I posted) is as perfect as I’ve ever had anywhere, even in coffee shops in Italy from freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Ran out of Lavazza “Il Perfetto Espresso” which was a perfect grind size. Opened a gold can of Lavazza and found the grind size to be too small – I tried pulling shots even with very little tamper pressure and the shots were coming out too slowly about 40 seconds. The Smart Grinder is coming in tomorrow so I am excited. I already bought the Lavazza and Illy whole beans. Will update my review tomorrow.

***UPDATE*** 11/23/2011

Received Breville’s Smart Grinder (Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder) today and started grinding my own coffee. I bought a 2.2 lb bag of Lavazza beans (Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee, 2.2-Pound Bag) from Amazon, which was delivered super fast by the way. I played with different settings on the grinder until I got to my double-shot-30-seconds-9-bars perfect shot. The coarsness setting is all the way to the right (the finest setting) and the amount setting is all the way to the left (when the amount setting is in the middle I got too many grinds which is an unnecessary waste of coffee). The result left me speechless. I got so much crema that my eyes literally popped out of my head like in a cartoon. The taste and aroma were superb. I am finally “there”. It doesn’t get any better than this. You can have a $10,000 espresso machine and the best shot you’ll make would be equal to my shot, because there is no room left for improvement. BES900XL & BCG800XL are a match made in heaven.

I have pulled probably close to 200 double shots. The consistency of the machine is incredible. I haven’t changed any settings in months and it still pulls perfect shots every time. I haven’t mentioned this before, but it is very important that your espresso cups are warm. Here is a tip: the quickest way to warm up your espresso cups is to put a little bit of water in them and stick them in a microwave for 30 seconds while you are grinding the coffee. I have now had this machine for over a year. I have not changed any settings in almost an entire year and I still keep pulling perfect shots every single day.

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